Dropping the F Bomb

25 Feb

My all-time favorite holiday movie includes a frozen telephone pole, a sexy, woman’s leg dressed in fishnet stockings, an air rifle, and Chinese carolers. Can you guess? Of course, it’s a classic…

And “A Christmas Story” just wouldn’t hold the memories it does for me without Ralphie dropping the F-Bomb and suffering the “rinse your dirty mouth out with soap!” punishment. As a child, I wasn’t exposed much to this foul word, but eventually encountered it in school. I never tried it at home, but I had the innate understanding that it was profane and off limits. What I didn’t understand was why Ralphie got punished for saying “fudge”… it went way over my elementary head…

As a much wiser adult now, I make the connection. And still avoid the word. I may have never used the f-bomb, but I won’t deny I know what a bar of Dial tastes like.

Lately, I’ve been reading some other pro-recovery blogs and many have used the “f-bomb” as a weapon against ED. Disclaimer: the following phrase is in quotations as it is not my language, rather solely a repetition of others. I’d rather avoid soap’s nasty after-taste…

Some other bloggers write “Fuck ED.”

After seeing this several times on other blogs, I stepped back to think about the meaning for a minute. Not the meaning intended by others in recovery, but the actual, literal meaning of the f-word. Guess what?


Think about it for a minute. Still going over your head? It’s okay, your probably too young to understand. But here’s the good news: You’re never, ever too young for fudge!


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