Keeping Courage:

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I first started this blog in January 2011, when I finally fully committed to recovery from my eating disorder. Although I had been through treatment before, a part of me wished to still hold onto my eating disorder, so I very quickly relapsed. It wasn’t until I surrendered to the fact that I could not keep my eating disorder forever and still live that I truly began working towards a full recovery.

For me, recovery has meant looking deep, going beyond what conventional medicine “prescribes” as the “cure” for eating disorders. Even though nutrition restoration is a component of recovery from anorexia, bulimia, or any other eating disorder, I believe it is far from the most important. Through the Keeping Courage blog, I hope to relate some of the gentle discoveries I’ve made that have helped me on my path of recovery and encourage you to start on your own road to a happy, healthy life through finding your true self.

Keeping Courage” was chosen as the blog’s title because I knew, when beginning my journey, that along the way I would need so much courage and encouragement. Recovery from an eating disorder is not easy, but it is worth it.


Born in Houston, TX, I moved to Austin with my family when I was 8. Growing up, I was always full of energy and loved drawing, horse-back riding, ballet, soccer, reading, and humming. From a young age, I’ve also been intensely interested in learning and was one of the rare children who liked going to school.

Although I cannot pinpoint the day I contracted an eating disorder, it was around 6th grade when my negative body image and poor self-esteem morphed into a preoccupation with weight and dieting. My eating disorder became a “friend” during my middle and high school years as I grappled with my self-perception and felt that, for some reason, I just didn’t quite “fit” with my peers. In retrospect, I regret the years of abuse I put my body and mind through, as well as how much LIFE I missed out on because of my eating disorder.

After years of suffering, I came forward for help in the spring of 2010. Since then, I have tried many avenues to recovery, including residential treatment, daily outpatient therapy, intensive outpatient programs, and rigid nutrition plans, but I’ve found that the approach that has been most successful for me is gentle, mindful, and most importantly, full of compassion

Currently, I reside with my mother and little brother in Austin, TX. I hold a rewarding job as a tutor to middle and high school students, helping them with their struggles during such a difficult time of transition and growth. In addition, this semester, I am grateful I am once again well enough to be interacting in the academic community and  taking just a few college classes to ease back into college life. Next year, I hope to be healthy enough to return to an out-of-state college as a full time student. My passions include photography, scrapbooking, yoga, daydreaming, art, watching “House Hunters,” volunteering, writing, chatting over coffee, learning, reading,  and ironically now, cooking.

My dream is to one day have a career, perhaps in the medical field, helping others through the immense struggle of recovering from an eating disorder.


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