South Congress, Austin, TX

2 Responses to “South Congress, Austin, TX”

  1. Yash Rojas at 10:20 PM #

    I’ve just started a blog about Austin, UT and all things awesome in from the wonderful ATX. However, there is so much to share with the world. I’d be interested in getting images and using them on my blog. I’d give you credit of course, but mainly I like your photography and it would be a way of gettiing people interested in my blog as well as yours — another outlet right. Thanks.

    • eodwyer at 12:05 PM #

      Hi Yash,
      I read your comment today and was so surprised. I have been thinking about working more on my photography lately because it’s one of the pieces of my life I want to work on more. I would be really interested in talking with you about providing photography for your blog. I need to get back to writing my blog regularly, but I have been extremely busy and am just now getting a bit more free time back. Do you live in Austin currently? Would you be interested in meeting for coffee or something to talk about collaborating? Let me know! Hope to talk with you soon!


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